Welcome mama! I’m Elizabeth, the creator of MomIsPumping.com and your go-to resource for real life pumping tips and tricks I learned through TONS of my own experience and vast amounts of research. Let me get a little more personal and tell you more about my story as a pumping mom.

My Pumping Story

When I first became an exclusively pumping mom, I honesty didn’t even know that’s what I was. This was a couple of years ago now. 

I didn’t become a pumping mom because of an initial choice, but because I was determined to give my baby her mama’s white liquid love.

I was four weeks postpartum and had never placed a breast pump on myself before… I had NO CLUE how any of this worked.

But, there was not a pinch of formula in the house – and like I said, I had made my mind up to give my baby ONLY my breastmilk.

Yes, I am stubborn.

My first time pumping (for lack of a better word) was STRANGE…

Pumping is not something we are hard-wired as women to innately just know how to do.

Unlike many other foreign things a new mother is naturally inclined to doing with some sense of familiarity.

After this first day on the pump, my journey exclusively pumping began.

I then spent every couple of hours hooked up to my Medela Pisa I got free through insurance. 

This went on for 11 months…

I was on my pump around the clock, my life was consumed with pumping and caring for a newborn. 

You could not even call my voicemail without hearing a humming pump in the background. 

It took me quite some time to find information from other real moms about how they went about exclusively pumping.

There were sooo MANY tips I wish I had known sooner that would have made my new way of life so much more manageable.

And those are the things you are going to learn on this website. 

Pumping tips such as:

  • How to pump on the go and free yourself from the wall.
  • The game-changing pumping gear you won’t believe really exists.
  • Techniques and tricks that will help you be most productive with your time pumping.
  • Pumping hacks for working moms.
  • I’ll also point you toward trusted resources I know are helpful.

While you are on your pumping journey, you now have a place you can come to in the middle of the night when you have a question only a real mom who has been there and done that knows how to answer.

This is not just a site for exclusive pumpers only, but for any mom who wants to learn more about pumping in general. 

Pumping gives us moms back the power, when nursing our babies at the breast doesn’t work.

We don’t have to give up and run out and buy expensive formula. We can still “breastfeed” our babies and give them the nutrition God intended for them to have.

I’ll be by your side,