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This pumping recommendations page is to help you find pumping resources, gear and accessories I know, love and use myself!

Breast Pumps

Pumpables: This company makes fantastic and fair-priced breast pumps and accessories. You can find hospital grade breast pumps, portable pumps and unique liquid flanges. Please use this link to receive 10% off your entire Pumpables purchases.

BabyBuddha: I probably should have listed the BabyBuddha pump first, because it is my favorite breast pump EVER! I’m not alone in that opinion either. This little pump is portable, cordless and powerful! I can’t recommend it enough to you all! Use the code MOMISPUMPING10 at checkout for almost $20.00 off your order!

Free Breast Pump: Aeroflow has worked with tens of thousands of women to get them a free breast pump and supplies through insurance. I would be doing everyone who reads this blog a huge disservice if I failed to guide you to this resource. It only takes a second to see if you qualify, you can do so here.

Pumping Gear

Lavie Lactation Massagers: Lavie creates wonderful lactation tools that help breastfeeding moms achieve their breastfeeding goals. If you struggle with low milk supply, sticky milk ducts or clogs – a Lavie lactation tool is a breast investment. Enjoy 10% off your purchases via this link.

Lacteck: With a slogan like “breastfeeding is beautiful” this innovative company creates some of the most unique and useful breastfeeding products I have ever seen. Their baby motion flanges are truly cutting-edge along with their sleepy mommy adapter for pumping while you lay down! If you’re looking for some state-of-the-art breastfeeding products, this is the place to get them! Use my exclusive code LOVEOURLITTLES1 for 10% off.

Freemie Collection Cups: The freedom that Freemie Collection Cups provides is unlike any other pumping accessory! You can literally pop these cups into any sports bra and pump discreetly at anytime and anywhere! These collection cups have been a game changer for pumping mom. Get your Freemie Collection Cups here.

Liquid Inserts: Pumping can be painful if you don’t have the right fit flanges! Not all breast pumps come with the perfect fit breastshields for every stage of pumping. This is why I love Liquid Inserts! They provide the perfect fit and are designed for comfort. They also help you pump more milk!

Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags: These gorgeous breast pump bags are my favorite bags by far to tote my pump around in. They are quality made, fashionable and innovative. Sarah Wells Bags have been specially prototyped by a pumping mom for pumping moms to help make their #momlife and breast pumping experience easier and more efficient as they juggle busy every day life. Check out the Lizzy bag here, it’s my personal favorite!

Pumping Resources

The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class: Another wonderful course to help working moms prepare for back to work breastfeeding is The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class by Milkology. Again, this course is an all video curriculum and helps prepare working and breastfeeding moms pump at work like a boss. Head over to Milkology now to enroll!

The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class: Milkology also recognizes the need for exclusive pumping moms to have the advanced preparation they desperately need as well. Here is another all video online course with easy to comprehend voice-over teaching. Grab a seat here to have the most well-rounded education of every baby feeding scenario there is!

Pump it Up!: Here’s an awesome mini pumping course from Milkology for only $14 with 5 short lessons to give you quick pumping tips for beginners!

P.S. After you make a Milkology course purchases, your second course is 20% off (coupon delivered at checkout). I would also like to offer you a FREE seat in my First Steps to Pumping Success Course if you purchase any of these recommended Milkology pumping classes with the links provided. Contact me with proof of purchases to be enrolled for FREE!