Moms Tell All: Strangest Places Moms have Pumped Breast Milk!


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Pumping breast milk can feel like a full time job for moms who are exclusively breastfeeding. In fact, it’s more of a 24/7 commitment, with no sick days off.

When the task is at hand due to the beckoning call of leaking, engorgement or a strict schedule – the location at which this task needs to be performed is of no concern to your mammies’ demands.

In which case, this has caused some pumping mamas to experience the “delight” of pumping breast milk in some strange places.

The stories you are about to read are real-life tales of the weirdest places some moms have pumped.


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The Zoo

When your babies have to eat, you feed them!Well, it’s no different for a pumping mama. On a recent visit to the Tampa Zoo, I was engorged and in pain from not pumping for so long.

I had cold milk with me, but I figured why not ease my pain and give my babies fresh milk. I found the closest family restroom and used my hand pump.

10-15 minutes on each side and I was relieved. I was able to fill 2 Medela 6oz bottles in no time. Don’t know if that’s stranger than pumping in my car outside of Starbucks while working, but my breasts and babies sure were happy.” [email protected]


“I went to the Urgent Care (which is in a shopping mall strip) for an ear infection and baby needed to nurse, I needed to pump. It was crazy!

So after leaving Urgent Care,I knew we both couldn’t wait til we got home, so I got into the back seat and nursed her. I don’t put blankets over my baby to nurse either, so got quite a few looks, but they eat so we just waved.

After she was done nursing, I got out my breast pump and pumped for 15 minutes and then we were both satisfied enough to drive home.” -Amber

The Rundown

“I was making a 7 or 8 hour car trip to pick my mother up and it was while I was still pumping 8-10 times per day. By the time I picked her up, it had been many, many hours since I had last relieved myself.

I was hurtin’!

We stopped at a rundown gas station with one crummy bathroom and I whipped out my Medela hand pump. After cranking away for a few minutes, my hand began to cramp.

So, my mom did what any mother would do in the situation, she took over for me. With the two-handed manual pump method, she was getting the job done and not messing around!

While this was happening, we were making silly comments like harder, faster and get more out! You get the picture.

Then the knocking started.

All the while we were obliviously sounding like a couple of complete weirdos, we had a small audience listening on the other side of this paper-thin door.” -Elizabeth

All for Justin

“In a single family bathroomat a large concert venuewhere there was a small ledge for me to put my pump. No where to sit and numerous people jiggling the (locked) door handle trying to get in… all for a Justin Timberlake concert.” [email protected]_rach.ramos_

Mile High Milk

“On an airplane, twice! Um, excuse me, mama moo needed to make milk for her little one at that altitude.” [email protected]

Her Throne

“In the bathroom at a Def Leopard concert. I wasn’t pleased that 20,000 person venue had no mothers’ room, but security gave me a chair so I didn’t have to do it sitting on the toilet.

It wasn’t bad until intermission when a stream of women walked in, some supportive, some not so much. One even thought it was okay to peer over my nursing cover to “see if there was a baby in there”. [email protected]_kovacs

Pump High

“A bathroom at the high school my husband coaches at waiting for his lacrosse game to start. The baby was in the stroller sleeping and I was using a manual pumppraying a high school student didn’t barge in.” [email protected]

Last Thoughts

Thanks for reading these light-hearted and enlightening stories from moms who have pumped in some strange places! If you’d like to share where your weirdest pumping experience was, comment with it below.

For more reading on this topic, visit this pumping in public post next for some awesome resources on how to do so with more comfort and ease.

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